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Cocaine Replacement Research Chemical

Following information in the annual newsletter about stimulants, such as Coke.

In 2020, cocaine was estimated to be used by 1.6 percent of the Dutch population aged 18 and over.

Buying cocaine in the Netherlands brings with it a lot of health risks in addition to entering into crime.

In this article, you can read about the latest developments in the field of cocaine.

This article discusses the famous hard drug cocaine.

And the use of cocaine in all places in the Netherlands.

The topics about cocaine that will be discussed:

  • What is cocaine?
  • Why do people buy coke
  • How is cocaine used and cocaine bought in the nightlife
  • The problems of cocaine
  • Where can you buy RCs?
  • The average price per gram of cocaine
  • Designer drugsimilar to cocaine

What is Cocaine?

Coke is a white powdery substance, native to the South American territories.

Cocaine is made from the coca leaves of this cocaine plant.

The coca leaves from the coke plant, have to be pressed through a vat of paraffin.

The juice which comes out of this must be boiled out in a pan.

Then you are left with a high purity of paste, which is called cocaine.

Cocaine in the Netherlands

A gram of coke in the Netherlands, will usually be cut cocaine.

A Coke dealer can cut up drugs which used to be good quality cocaine.

In order to keep bigger profits on a gram of cocaine.

This will mainly be at the expense of the economy.

This will mainly be at the expense of one percent of the purity of the cocaine.

A single block of coke can yield twice as much, when one chooses to cut coke.

Coke is adulterated with a chemical agent, such as Manitol or Inositol.

Buying and using coke is therefore risky, because you can never be sure what you will be putting into your body.

As Coke can be adulterated with anything, buying Coke is not recommended.

How to use Cocaine?

The same active substance of Coke is, Cocaine Hydrochloride, and stimulates the nervous system.

You will get a rush from buying and using Coke.

You can buy Coke and use Cocaine, by:

  • Snorting coke
  • Spraying coke
  • Smoking a coke